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Whether you graduated in 1971 or just last year, you are an important part of the St. John the Baptist family! Once a jaguar, always a jaguar!

And whether you were on campus yesterday or not since you took off your cap and gown, please know that you are welcome back at any time.

If you have any questions about events or volunteer opportunities, please contact Sarah Lanham by 

e-mail ( or at 618-233-0581

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If you need to make an update to your information, please click below.

Here are some ways that you can continue to help St. John the Baptist School!
  1. Refer a prospective student to St. John the Baptist.

  2. Come back for one of our sporting events or school plays.

  3. Ask your employer to donate surplus equipment or materials.

  4. Remember St. John the Baptist School in your will.

  5. Send a story idea or an update about yourself for an alumni shoot out on our social media page and website. 

  6. Contribute to the Annual Fund Drive (Use the link or Venmo account below)

  7. Donate an item, monetary gift, or ad space to our Annual Dinner Auction.

  8. Visit St. John the Baptist School and say thanks to a teacher who touched your life.

  9. Create a named scholarship or make a major gift to support future Jaguars.

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