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St. John's School Board

School Board Members

Mr. Dallas Dlouhy ('21)- President,  Mr. Cory Dehler ('20)-Vice-President, Mrs. Emily Agles ('20)- Secretary, Mr. Rick Truttmann ('20), Mrs. Sheliah Morrison ('21), Mrs. Neeley Beliveau ('21), Mrs. Trish Amann('21)

The board usually meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00P.M.

The School Board of St. Johns the Baptist Catholic School is a consultative board established by the pastor to assist him and the parish's education administrator/s (principal, director of religious education, or both) in the governance of the parish education programs.  Governance may be divided into two parts: policy and administration.  The board's responsibilities are in policy matters; they are not responsible for administration or the details of administration.

The administration of the education programs is the responsibility of the administrative team.  

The team is composed of the pastor and the education administrator/s.  The pastor, as the employer of the administrator/s, hires, supervises, and evaluates.  The administrator, with the authority delegated as specified in the employment contract or job description, is responsible for the operation of the education program.  This responsibility includes the employment, supervision, and evaluation of staff, the establishment of education programming, and the evaluation and management of student behavior.

The establishment of policy is accomplished through the activity of the board.

The board is composed of the administration team and the members.  When the board meets and agrees on a policy matter, the decision is effective and binding on all as long as the local policy is not in conflict with diocesan policy.  The board is consultative in the following sense: the members cannot act apart from the administrative team and cannot make decisions binding for the parish education program without the approval of the administrative team.

Board members serve three terms and meet once each month.  Subcommittee chairs do not have to be board members, committees meet as often as necessary to work towards the strategic plan's goals and objectives.

Please keep the following in mind when addressing issues to the school board:

Line of Authority

Parents who have a complaint or problem should make every attempt to solve it with the person(s) most directly involved in the problem.  In many cases this is the teacher.  The following is the line of authority:

     1.  Teacher

     2.  Principal

     3.  Pastor

Student Grievance Procedure and Conflict Resolution

Students are encouraged to resolve conflict in a mature manner.

  1. First talk with the teacher.  State your points clearly with a calm and pleasant voice.  Listen to the other's points without interrupting.  Consider the other person's point of view.  Restate what you think they want.  Ask questions to clarify.

  2. If further help is needed, talk with the principal.  (Student/Principal/Teacher may meet to discuss the problem).

  3. If student remains dissatisfied make an appointment with the Pastor.

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