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"Much will be required of the person entrusted with much..."  Luke 12:48

Tuition Credit

Families can earn tuition credit by participating in the Rewards Program mentioned above and the Scrip program.  Scrip requires no selling and no extra out-of-pocket expense.  Gift cards are purchased to use not only for gifts but also for regular shopping.  Families pay the face value of the card & a percentage of that amount goes toward the school.  Extended family and friends can participate ad designate tuition credit to students too.

Tuition Assistance

Please keep in mind that St. John's does not turn any families away due to finances.  After completing additional forms and meeting with the principal and pastor, confidential assistance can be provided.

In order to maintain educational excellence and form young Christians, school families also invest their time and talent.  Families are expected to take part in a Parent Involvement Program (PIP).  (PIP) is a way for families to pledge time and talent towards events that are a part of St. John the Baptist Catholic School's identity.  PIP is a promise to work together to give children the best educational environment possible.

Click below for more details regarding the program.

2022-2023 Tuition Table
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